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Childrens Parties croxleygreen

Are you having a children's birthday party in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire?

Want the best for your child's party? Do you want a female entertainer?
Of course you do!
Auntie Julie is one of the finest female children’s entertainers in the country – 5000 shows in and around Croxley Green, and still going strong!
Make YOUR children’s party a fun, magical time they will remember forever!

Book Croxley's finest children's entertainer Auntie Julie for your kid's birthday party. Covering all parts of Croxley and Hertfordshire.

Auntie Julie entertains in Croxley Green and the surrounding areas with a mixture of dance, singing, magic, and games to keep your kids relaxed and entertained.

For videos of Auntie Julie click here

Auntie Julie, one of the counties leading Female children's entertainers will come to either your home or a hall in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, for your kids party and will deliver the complete package: games, magic and music plus value-for-money party bags! This is why so many of Auntie Julie’s customers in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire ask her back year after year! Your child deserves the best and so do you, so avoid disappointment and book female children's entertainer Auntie Julie TODAY.

You can read Auntie Julie's blog here

As well as booking a Children's Entertainer in Croxley Green, you are going to need a venue.

Have you been to the Croxley Green Community Centre in Community Close? Its just up the road from Croxley Green Library. Go and see Helen in the office for a great birthday party venue. They can even offer you a bouncy castle, but you will need to turn it off when  your children's entertainer starts.

St Oswald's Church Hall in Malvern Way Croxley Green is probably my favourite children's birthday party venue. Big, clean  and with a large car park.

St Bede's in Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green is a little tighter on space but a great venue for the small children's birthday party

Fuller Way Explore Church, in Fuller way, Croxley Green is another  regular  birthday party venue. One room for the children's entertainer and another for the food, at party tea time

If you are looking for a Greener setting then head off to the Croxley Guild. They have a great bar and party dance area, perfect for your child's birthday party.