Desert Island Tricks in Sunny Watford

Desert Island Tricks in sunny Watford

Tonight I was taken to a Desert Island РNamely Bricket Wood near Watford and interviewed by my best friend in magic, Tim Shoesmith.

julie and tim shoesmithI was asked about my early life in Watford, my career in the police and of course I was asked a lot of questions about my career in magic. Tim was one of the first magicians I met and he introduced me to the Watford Association of magicians. This lead on to me joining The Magic Circle.

julie and tim

Wedding of the Year

The best Wedding of the Year

There are nice weddings, then there are really nice weddings. This one is in the ‘ The best wedding I ever went to’ category.


Wedding of the year
A very special wedding

Kevin and Margaret got to know each other through Mencap and The Rickmansworth Gateway Club. With the help of friends and some amazing family they really were given a day to remember. I played a small part by kicking off the evening entertainment with a magic show. Most of the guests already knew me and I was greeted as a friend. I was followed by the Electric Umbrella¬† – a music group made up, mostly from the guests . One guest said that it was the best wedding she had ever been to, and she was right. Words can’t really express the love and tenderness that was in that reception room.kevin wedding