Gordon Ramsay at GOSH

A special visitor to the children’s ward

It isn’t often that Auntie Julie gets to meet seriously famous people. Today however, Gordon Ramsay visited Great Ormond Street Hospital to help out with a bake sale.

He had helped one little girl with some cake decorating then popped into the playroom to see another. That’s when he came across Auntie Julie in the middle of a show!

He kindly allowed us to take some photos.

Gordon Ramsey at Great Ormond Street Hospital
Gordon Ramsey visits Great Ormond Street Hospital

What Auntie Julie didn’t realise when she took the picture was that  he  was about to be attacked by a Gruffalo that was creeping up behind him. Fortunately no one was hurt and Gordon was able to continue with his visits. Apparently he is a regular and much loved visitor to the hospital

Auntie Julie on Sky News

Lots of excitement in Auntie Julie’s House this morning as she was seen on Sky news. The Magic Circle was celebrating 25 years of allowing ladies to join their ranks. Why it took them that long no one really knows.
Auntie Julie can be seen doing her favourite rope trick.

See the clip here