Lion Quays – Trix in the Stix Magic Convention

Lion Quays- Shropshire

Here are just two photos from an amazing children’s magic convention I attended this week . It is called Trix in the Stix. Named, because we learn our craft from an amazing convention centre called Lion Quays in Shropshire that is in the middle of nowhere.
I was lucky enough to be asked to produce a power presentation, or mini lecture.
I talked about the Power of Personalisation, or how I learn 20 party guests name in about 10 minutes. The talk was well received and I had a lot of fun doing it.

For the rest of the convention we were treated to lectures, shows and a chance to buy all the props we need to keep our magic shows fresh until next year. We had stalls with crazy costumes manned by Heidi and Brenda. They always had a tin of sweets to keep passers by happy.

The convention is run by the Practical Magic team. They have a  very colourful stall with all the latest in magic design.

I didn’t buy very much this year. I picked up some wonderful star sponges and a couple of squeakers to go with a new lamb puppet.

Magic Convention at Lion QuaysTrix in the Stix
Lion Quays


Tim Vine meets Auntie Julie

Tim Vine – Chat Show,  Recorded for Radio 4

Auntie Julie had a night off and went to see her favourite comedian Tim Vine, at the Up The Creek comedy club in Greenwich, London. He was recording an episode of his chat show for Radio 4 There is just something about him that is so clever. He entertains with a mix of jokes songs and sketches and never utters a blue word. His jokes are based on ‘words’ and are one- liners, rather than long anecdotal stories. What’s more Auntie Julie got to spend some time chatting with Tim after the show. Although he is not a magician so much can be learnt about performance style and audience management from him. Just a look or a pause can get a round of applause.

Tim Vine
Tim Vine

Alice the Bunny in Croxley Green

Alice the bunny is enjoying her retirement

Just as the sun is coming out I thought I would give you an update on the Alice the Bunny. She is now eight years old and enjoying a happy retirement. Every morning, as soon as the sun comes up I pop her out into her garden in Croxley Green – for those of you a little further away, that is somewhere between Rickmansworth and Watford. She has a very happy day chewing on the grass playing in the flower bed. Around tea time I will find her sitting next to the garden hose waiting for her supper. That’s when I pop her back in the cage above the washing machine in our kitchen. She has some dried bunny food and some fresh fruit and vegetables and settles down in her box for the night

Alice the Bunny