Play in hospital Week

 Play in Hospital Week

This week is ‘Play in Hospital’ week. It has got off to a great start with visits to Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, The Whittington and The Royal Nose Throat and Ear Hospital. I’ve been practising my balloon modelling and made a huge Octopus and Monkey. At the other end of the scale I have a new little penguin and ladybird. It is lovely to see the children play with their balloons. I made a set of jungle animal for one little boy to play with and he gave each animal a name. I was asked to go back to one little girl who was still sleepy and sad from an operation. She started to talk about her pet dog and showed me photos. Just a little chat soon made her forget her worries.

penguin balloon
Mr Frosty the Penguin

However I do feel the week should be renamed ‘Eat your way around hospital week’ because today I had the serious munchies.

West to High Wycombe, and Feltham

High Wycombe, Farnham Common and Feltham

High Wycombe, Farnham Common and Feltham. Auntie Julie covers events and parties from Reading all the way to Dartford and tries to stay North of the River Thames.

This week was no exception, except that all the parties were in the same direction – West.

RAF High Wycombe is a firm favourite. They have a party in the officers mess once a month and I was invited along to see, what is now, a familiar bunch of faces. The group of children does vary each month as families are posted here or away but there always seems to be a core of children happy to see me again. The parents chill out while Auntie Julie does her stuff with circus magic and for a change this month some party dances.

Farnham Common Village Hall was the venue for the next party. We had about 20 children and lots of parents having fun with the spinning plates. The parents can get quite competitive.

Not quite as far west but not far from Heathrow’s runways is Feltham. This was a party for a lovely little girl. She had been made a Moana cake. I think the pile was sand was pure brown sugar. I had a nice piece to take some for my tea.