Rule of six parties

Rule of six parties are here

Just when we were starting to get back to normal everything changed again. We had just got used to the new rules, when they became the old rules and new ones took over.

Let us not be downhearted . We have all learnt to adapt.
We can still have a party and have lots of fun.

Auntie Julie can still come to your home. We just need to keep the numbers down.
You can have two grown ups, four children and Auntie Julie who – as an outside trades-clown doesn’t count. The news gets even better. Why not Zoom all your friends into the party. It is so simple. Just open a Zoom or House-party room, face one camera to Auntie Julie and let technology take the strain. Now everyone can join in.

rule of six parties
Rule of six parties are now available

If you hire a venue – then we can have a larger event with social distancing. This would be a sit down, theater-style magic show, where guests stay strictly in their family groups. Food would need to be served to the tables, with no wandering around. It isn’t a perfect solution but has been working remarkable well. Some pubs and cafe’s may work nicely for one of these ‘sit down’ parties.