Easter fun at Watford Field Infants and Nursery School

This was the first time Auntie Julie had been inviting to Watford Field Infants and Nursery school at Easter time. Normally she would come along at Christmas, but last year everything was a little different. The children had to have small parties in their class bubbles and Auntie Julie wasn’t able to join them. She busied herself in Santa’s workshop, making sure the Elves were behaving and working hard to get all the gifts out on time.

The weather man got all a little bit confused and the day started and ended with a snow storm. The photo doesn’t really do the scene justice but we did get a heavy fall of snow.

Watford Field infant and nursery school in the snow
Snow at Watford Field

This year Auntie Julie took a break from the Easter Bunny’s Egg warehouse to come along to the school for a little Easter fun. We had a show about Eggs, Chickens and the occasional rabbit. As usual lots of fun was had by all. I can’t wait to see you all at Christmas