Fun with Home Start

Watford and Three Rivers, Homestart
Home Start Watford and Three Rivers

Towards the end of the summer I was invited to host an event for Home Start, Watford and Three Rivers. This is a group who have volunteers who support young families. There are many reasons for a family to be put forward. I myself had twins ( all grown up now), and with a toddler in tow I knew I could do with an extra pair of hands. I had a lovely lady come to see me each week. Although she wasn’t there as a free babysitter, she did tend to look after the twins so that I could take my older boy swimming. This is something I couldn’t do on my own. I will be forever grateful for her support and the support of Home Start

Once the group had arrived we all settled down to Auntie Julie’s Magic show. It was the usual mix of singing, dancing, circus fun and magic. There were plenty of older children there to teach the younger ones what to do.

fun with homestart