Purim 2023

Party Time

Oh my goodness. I have never seen such a party as I saw on Tuesday. The person who booked me warned me that the roads may be a little busy. I was told that it may be a little crazy. That was the most beautiful understatement I have ever heard. The booking was for a private party in a house where I dutifully arrived over an hour early. At first I thought that all the drivers in the area were in a terrible hurry as there was a cacophony of bibbing car horns…… Little did I know of what was to come. There were cars everywhere but I manage to get parked on a grass verge that I’m sure on any other night might have sent a traffic warden twitching for his ticket machine.

Fancy Dress

The children I was expecting dutifully arrived, all in fancy dress. We had clowns, old men and air stewardesses. After a supper of sausages and chips, they were keen for the magic show to get started. We were part way through the show when I could hear music outside the house. We all went to investigate. This quiet cul-de-sac had turned into Ibiza. There was a flat back truck loaded with lights and speakers with dancers jumping up and down on the back to some traditional pop music. Those not on the truck were following behind, jumping singing and dancing.


We finished the magic show and went on to making balloons. Something was now kicking off inside the house. We had new visitors. First was a group of children dressed as clowns. They treated us to a song, then in came a dance troup to add to the entertainment. Money was being collected for, I believe for a local school.

Stock photo of children in fancy dress collecting goodies in exhange for a little entertainment

The purpose of this blog entry is to talk about the amazing atmosphere created by this celebration. It was a mix of a Christian Christmas and the Treat and Treat of Halloween, along with the partying of New Years Eve. Every thing was good natured, very little alcohol was being drunk, and everyone was having a good time.

The best thing for the children was to have the next day off school to recover.

Spring is in the air

Hopefully the winter chills are behind us and we are looking forwar to some warmer weather. It’s been a busy time for Auntie Julie. The new year started off with a family party in Chiperfield. I met up with a large set of grandchildren whom I had met in the summer at their Grandads 70th Birthday party. . January seemed to be a month of repeat bookings. I paid another visit to the Croxley Green Baptist Church where the boys and girls brigades enjoyed a circus session, followed by juice and crisps. I was a member of the girls brigade when I was young as were my children. The leaders and helpers have hardly changed. Always nice to see old friends.

The POD hospital shows are coming back now. Auntie Julie regularly visits Watford Hospital and Northwick Park along with a trip further into London to The Whittington and Great Ormond Street Hospital. We are still wearing masks on the ward, but after the ‘Covid Years’ we seem to be finding to a new normal.

The next big event is Purim, a very important Jewish festival all about a lady called Esther. The great thing about it is that school finishes at lunch time and then families gather to celebrate. Even better, I get invited along to get the party swinging.