A throwback to Christmas

Yes I know its nearly Summer

So with the sun shining and the corn growing higher than my Shelties heads why am I talking about Christmas?

This week I was asked if I had any more recent video footage of my show. I was embarassed to say that I hadn’t. I didn’t even have any particularly recent photos.


There is so much bad coverage given to social media it is becoming impossibly hard to get to use the images of happy smiling children any more. I end up taking pictures of balloons that I have made that have no more than a childs unidentifyable hand in view. Either that, or I have to sticker out the very happy faces I wanted to show. I am reliant on the good will and generosity of parents who are happy for me to use their photos. Some even ask me to use them which is lovely.

Auntie Julie at Abbots Langley

So this is why I am posting a photos from Christmas. This was the Watford Association of Magic’s Christmas Show and Competition. I came a respectable 3rd, after Magic Dave and good friend Captain Calamity. Im pictured here dancing to the Wiggle Wiggle song. I was the first performer on stage and needed to warm the audience up. Im wearing my Christmas outfit. My lovely purple suit with flower trim is due for retirement . The next suit will be red with blue stars, just for a change.