Gordon Ramsay at GOSH

A special visitor to the children’s ward

It isn’t often that Auntie Julie gets to meet seriously famous people. Today however, Gordon Ramsay visited Great Ormond Street Hospital to help out with a bake sale.

He had helped one little girl with some cake decorating then popped into the playroom to see another. That’s when he came across Auntie Julie in the middle of a show!

He kindly allowed us to take some photos.

Gordon Ramsey at Great Ormond Street Hospital
Gordon Ramsey visits Great Ormond Street Hospital

What Auntie Julie didn’t realise when she took the picture was that  he  was about to be attacked by a Gruffalo that was creeping up behind him. Fortunately no one was hurt and Gordon was able to continue with his visits. Apparently he is a regular and much loved visitor to the hospital

Watford Association of Magicians

Watford Association of Magicians, stage competition

On Tuesday the Watford Association of Magicians held their annual stage competition. This was aimed at an adult or family audience rather than children. Auntie Julie was very pleased to receive an award. There was lots of magic, fun and laughter.

Circus Workshop and Magic at the Sand Castle Club – Watford

Circus workshops at the Sand Castle Club in Watford

had a great summer. I had two visits to the Big Beach Party in Watford and ran  magic shows and circus workshops at the morning Sandcastle Club. This event was run by Watford Council and was free to attend. Although the children could come and go, they usually stayed for the whole morning with their parents keeping them supplied with ice-creams. One family even gave me an ice cream to say thank you for such a fun morning. The circus workshop was enjoyed by all age groups including the parents

The Sandcastle Club in Watford
The Sandcastle Club in Watford


7th party and counting

 7th Birthday Party

This weekend it was party time with a very familiar family.

The title is a slight exaggeration. It was actually the 6th time the family had booked me, but it was the birthday girls 7th party.

Apparently she was offered any type of party she wanted, and insisted on having me come back to entertain.

I often get calls from clients with 7 and 8 year old’s who are concerned that their children will be too old for a traditional entertainer party. Don’t be put off. Recently some of my best magic shows have been to older juniors. Even when the birthday child has been very young, the older children get plenty of fun out of the show.

Puppets and Wands

A great day at Great Ormond Street Hospital

A day out at Great Ormond Street Hospital

I had the pleasure of entertaining two little girls today at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Their mums put a short video on my facebook page.

The girls were amazing. I did a little show for them, then came back later to tell them a story.

We love Auntie Julie 🙂 xxxxxx Thank you! From Hattie and Ebonie

Posted by Katie Southgate on Thursday, 13 August 2015

Desert Island Tricks in Sunny Watford

Desert Island Tricks in sunny Watford

Tonight I was taken to a Desert Island – Namely Bricket Wood near Watford and interviewed by my best friend in magic, Tim Shoesmith.

julie and tim shoesmithI was asked about my early life in Watford, my career in the police and of course I was asked a lot of questions about my career in magic. Tim was one of the first magicians I met and he introduced me to the Watford Association of magicians. This lead on to me joining The Magic Circle.

julie and tim

Wedding of the Year

The best Wedding of the Year

There are nice weddings, then there are really nice weddings. This one is in the ‘ The best wedding I ever went to’ category.


Wedding of the year
A very special wedding

Kevin and Margaret got to know each other through Mencap and The Rickmansworth Gateway Club. With the help of friends and some amazing family they really were given a day to remember. I played a small part by kicking off the evening entertainment with a magic show. Most of the guests already knew me and I was greeted as a friend. I was followed by the Electric Umbrella  – a music group made up, mostly from the guests . One guest said that it was the best wedding she had ever been to, and she was right. Words can’t really express the love and tenderness that was in that reception room.kevin wedding

POD shows at Great Ormond Street Hospital

POD shows at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Today was one of my regular visits to Great Ormond Street Hospital with POD. I covered 5 different wards.
Koala can be tricky as most children are stuck in their rooms but I found Mickey in the play room ( Mickey isn’t  his real name.) I never ask what is wrong with a child. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not. It doesn’t matter. I’m more interested in how a child feels. Mickey was in a great mood to play and so was his dad. We started with some juggling and plate spinning, then Mickey got his own personal magic show. Mickey doesn’t live far away from me and his dad thinks he has already seen my show once or twice. Mickey was laughing so much that his dad had to make sure he didn’t fall off his seat. I popped into see Anna ( again, not her real name.) She was a bit sleepy but I had a chat and I told a little story  to her using some cards and characters from Frozen. She was trying hard not to smile, but within a few minutes there was a cheeky grin on her face.

Puffin ward has had a move around and they have lost their lovely big playroom. I think Darren had been tidying up because the new room, although small was spotless. Safari is normally quiet after lunch, but not today. We have a new play specialist there and I did a full show. I even had a mum and nanny joining in. I did two more full shows, in the Activity centre and in Giraffe. They were both a lot of fun. Its amazing how quickly children can forget how poorly they are and just for a few minutes join in, like any other kid. I expect a few had a nap afterwards.

I think that today has been the most exhausting day I have had at GOSH but for many reasons has been the most rewarding. And yes, I did have a nap myself on the train home and nearly missed my stop.