Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Auntie Julie wishes everyone a Happy New Year. She is looking forward to the next 12 months with lots of new projects bringing the young and elderly together

Auntie Julie had an amazing time in 2018 , finishing with a very busy December and  a Christmas Eve show at Camelot Lottery Headquarters in Watford. Santa was too busy that day to come along but did leave us with a couple of Reindeer.  The children fed them  ready for the busy night ahead.

Give or take, she did  40 shows from Guildford to Harlow and from Welwyn to Southall. The show this year was based around The Elf on the Shelf and the Santa Shark Song. Not a combination you would normally expect. Next year expect even more fun and laughter.Elf and Reindeer

This year brings a new project. Working with the council Auntie Julie will be bringing a class of 5 year olds into a care home to run three workshops. The object of the exercise is to bring the two age groups together for a fun morning, learning from each other. We will focus on Magic, Circus Skills and Balloon Modelling.

If you would like to see Auntie Julie this year, and don’t have a suitable event lined  up then why not sign up for the Three Rivers Easter holiday play scheme? Auntie Julie will be at Yorke Mead School and Tannerswood school, both near Watford on Tuesday 16th April.

That just leaves Auntie Julie to wish you all a safe a happy new year.

It’s nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas

Its time to book your Christmas show with Auntie Julie. Come and meet Dougal in his Christmas hat for a fun filled 45 minute show

The summer has swung by in glorious sunshine. The leaves are now dropping and wellington boots are splashing in muddy puddles. That can mean only one thing. Christmas is just around the corner. So what does this mean for Auntie Julie? For a start, lots of vitamins and a flu vaccination to stay fit an healthy through the season.

Christmas Show

Every year the show changes. Auntie Julie always keeps some of the old favourites in but no two seasons are ever the same. Last year we had an Elf that didn’t know his colours and  a Marshmallow Monster from Frozen who just couldn’t keep away. Olaf has been missing for a year or so, so it may be time for him to come back. The show has magic, singing, dancing, dancing, stories and lots of fun.  New for this year will be  the Baby Shark song. Not exactly part of the Christmas theme but with it being so popular at the moment, who could resist. Children from the age of two will enjoy this 45 minute show


If you would like Auntie Julie to visit your nursery  or school please get in touch. As lot of the mornings are already fully booked with regular clients but there is availability on some afternoons.

The show costs £150 per 45 minute show ( within 15 miles of Watford). Discounts are available for block bookings. Auntie Julie doesn’t mind a longer drive to your venue but this may incur a slightly higher fee to cover travel.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Easy fundraising  for your school with Auntie Julie

Would you like an easy fundraising idea?

Are your children too young for a traditional ‘school disco’?

Please read on.

big discos and small children don't always mix
Big discos and small children don’t always mix

Did you get an email today from Auntie Julie?

If you did you will now have a nice hot cup of coffee and a pile of chocolate digestives.

Easy fundraising

So what is the big idea?

It is very simple.

Book a party for your school with Auntie Julie. Invite  your nursery class and KS1 and make some easy money for the school.

In return Auntie Julie will give you 1 1/2 hours of entertainment. That’s a 45 minute magic show and a mini disco with party dances and games. I suggest a 10 minute break in the middle when the noise level can drop and the children have a snack.

So what’s the catch?

Sorry, but it is not free.

My charge for this fundraising event is simply £2 per head with a minimum of 50 children.

How much can you make for you school?

If you were to charge, say, £5 a head including snacks your school can make £100 per 50 children attending.

The dreaded terms and conditions

This event has to take place before the end of June 2018. It can either be during the school day or any day after school ( no weekends, sorry.)

This has to be a school fundraising event and not a private party.

The children must be suitably supervised and I  would suggest a maximum of 150 children per session

The show is suitable for children from 3-8 but I’m happy to have children younger and older children if properly supervised.

I ask for a £50 deposit when booking with the remaining money given within 7 days of the event.

I ask that after the show all the nursery and KS1 are given an Auntie Julie postcard for their book bags.


How to book

Just give Auntie Julie a call 07880741920 or drop her an email at auntiejulie@auntiejulie.com

Christmas Shows

Auntie Julie still has some days available for her Christmas show.

The cost of a 45 minute show is £150. To book her for the whole day ( up to 5 shows) £500.

Please give her a call to check availability

Private Parties

Auntie Julie is always available for private birthday parties, christenings, and weddings.

Packages are shown in detail on the website

The Bushey Centre, Watford – Troll Party

The Bushey Centre, Watford – Troll Party

On Sunday I was back at The Bushey Centre in Watford. I say Watford, it’s actually just up Bushey High Road on the same complex at the Bushey Country Club and Bushey Golf Centre. There is also the Watford Car Wash unit in the back car park.

Bushey Centre, Watford
Bushey Centre, Watford

I’ve got to say that I have never seen so many little Trolls in Watford, or anywhere else. About half the guests had perfect troll costumes on, including pink hair pieces. My favourite costume, though came from an older cousin. She came as Gangster Granny. The children looked fantastic. It made learning the children’s names extra difficult. I heard one of the mums say, ‘I bet she can’t learn them all.’ Always up for a challenge, I think I got the first 20 children as they arrived and got to know the rest at the party and magic show progressed. My birthday girl was adorable and very bit a pink Troll. I even made my first Troll balloon for her. As she was a fan of balloons she also went home with a zebra, parrot and octopus.

The Blanket Game

After tea we did some party dances and circus skills. We even had time at the end for the blanket game where I hide a child under the blanket and the other guests have to guess who is under there. Everyone wants a turn so at the end I get at many children as I can underneath so that no one misses out.

Netmum Reviews

We all know how important good reviews are, especially on popular websites such as Netmums. This party mum was kind enough to say this;

Auntie Julie was brilliant for my 4-year old’s birthday party – she kept the 25 kids thoroughly entertained, with some mums saying that their child had joined in the fun for the first time ever, having never done so previously! Would definitely recommend Auntie Julie – she was a real pleasure to deal with and extremely punctual.