CHECT – Childhood eye cancer trust

I had an amazing afternoon with the children and parents of CHECT – the Childhood eye cancer trust.

They were having a special weekend at Newlands Collect in Chalfont St Giles. As well as Auntie Julie’s Magic Show and Circus Workshop they had the Ark Farm visit with Rabbits Guinea Pigs, a tortoise and even a pigmy hedgehog. We had a lot of fun in my magic show but the star had to be our prickly little friend. He was so cute. Given the spikes we weren’t allowed to stroke him but he was given a big mile of mealworms to chomp through. the baby bunnies were also very popular being fed carrots and grass.

Pigmy Hedgehog
Pigmy Hedgehog
Baby bunny and tortoise at CHECT
Baby bunny and tortoise