Pinewood Lodge – Oxhey

Pinewood Lodge in Oxhey

I’ve just completed a three week project at Pinewood Lodge in Oxhey, bringing a class of pupils from St Josephs school into the care home to meet with the residents

Our first session was themed on ‘Magic’ so everyone had the Auntie Julie magic show. The concept of the project was to have the children working and interacting with the residents. To make this happen I created a magic trick for everyone to make that involved colouring in. I had the residents helping the children choose the colours.

Auntie Julie Balloon Workshop

The last session was all about balloons. I didn’t realise how many tricks and routines I had that involved balloons. It’s a good job no one was worried by them.

The project also involved a dance company called Dinky Dances. Between us we ran 6 very successful sessions. We are hoping to cover  some different carehomes and schools in the near future

Our second session was Circus themed. I didn’t think that a workshop with 40 participants would work in such a small area.  With a little care to protect the seated residents from flying plates we learned juggling, plate spinning and diabolo.

I have spent three wonderful mornings at Pinewood Lodge with the residents,  and visiting children from St Josephs school. It was a great project from Three Rivers District Council bringing together the two generations.